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Meaningful experience of a lifetime.
Worlwide Charter International Hajj & Umrah

Worldwide Charter International maintains a strong presence with all pilgrim groups throughout their pilgrimage to and from Mecca. We supply on-site staff for all departures 2-3 days prior to the departures to confirm all logistics are in place. This on-site vigilance ensures operational efficiency for all outgoing flights, monitoring of incoming ferry flights, flight filings, secured slots, ground handling, tickets, baggage tagging and loading, fueling, crew coordination, transportation for crews between airport and hotels as well as customized catering. 

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Worlwide Charter International Hajj & Umrah

Having operated Hajj for over 20 years, we recognize the religious and cultural significance of the pilgrimage and work closely with our clients, ensuring an unforgettable, unique and meaningful experience.

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